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hacking: textanalyse mit R
hacking: silbentrennung mit R
hacking: multiple choice auswertung mit R
hacking: XML parser für R
hacking: maintanance tool für R-pakete
hacking: gui für R
hacking: feinstaub-visualisierung mit R
hacking: bash-generiertes jeaopardy


iRcotofun: an R package to create jeopardy-like browser quiz games

here's an idea for your next office party: this R package creates a one-file jeopardy-like quiz game in HTML. you must come up with the questions and answers yourself, of course.

the most recent develpment version of iRcotofun can be installed from my own package repository https://reaktanz.de/R, e.g. directly from an R session:

install.packages("iRcotofun", repo=c(getOption("repos"), reaktanz="https://reaktanz.de/R"))


the process of creating a quiz game with iRcotofun is pretty straight forward: define question/answer pairs (items) with ask(), combine items into categories with category(), and finally combine categories into a quiz with the ircotofun() function. have a look at the examples in the manual (especialy the section about ircotofun()).

a token of gratitude

if you appreciate my work an want to say "thanks", please check my wantlist on discogs (just have records sent to the address you find in the imprint/impressum). you're awesome!

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