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hacking: textanalyse mit R
hacking: silbentrennung mit R
hacking: multiple choice auswertung mit R
hacking: XML parser für R
hacking: maintanance tool für R-pakete
hacking: gui für R
hacking: feinstaub-visualisierung mit R
hacking: bash-generiertes jeaopardy


XiMpLe: a simple XML parser for R

XiMpLe is an R package to read, manipulate and write XML files (see feature list for its current status). it is intended to be used as a very simple, lightweight alternative to the existing XML package if you don't need as much features.

the most recent stable release should be available via CRAN. the most recent develpment version of XiMpLe can be installed from my own package repository https://reaktanz.de/R, e.g. directly from an R session:

install.packages("XiMpLe", repo=c(getOption("repos"), reaktanz="https://reaktanz.de/R"))

there's also a debian/ubuntu package (needs recent R packages from CRAN as a dependecy).


citation information

in case you need to cite XiMpLe for reference, consider the CITATION file.

work in progress

XiMpLe is considered fit for productive use, as long as parsed documents are wellformatted and not too huge. see the ChangeLog for recent development. as of now, it is used as a dependency of several other packages i maintain, e.g., do generate the HTML pages and RSS feeds in roxyPackage. feel free to try it and see if you run into problems. any feedback is most welcome!

a token of gratitude

if you appreciate my work an want to say "thanks", please check my wantlist on discogs (just have records sent to the address you find in the imprint/impressum). you're awesome!

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