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sylly: hyphenation and syllable counting for text analysis

sylly is an R1 that provides the hyphenation algorithm used for 'TeX'/'LaTeX' and similar software, as proposed by Liang (1983). mainly contains the function hyphen() to be used for hyphenation/syllable counting of text objects. it was originally developed for and part of the 'koRpus' package, but later released as a separate package so it's lighter to have this particular functionality available for other packages. support for various languages needs be added on-the-fly or by plugin packages2; this package does not include any language specific data.

mailing list

to ask for help, report bugs, suggest feature improvements, or discuss the global development of the package, please use the issue tracker3 or subscribe to the koRpus-dev mailing list4.

getting sylly

the most recent stable release should be available via CRAN5. the most recent development release of sylly can be installed from my own package repository https://reaktanz.de/R, e.g. directly from an R session:

install.packages("sylly", repo=c(getOption("repos"), reaktanz="https://reaktanz.de/R"))

language support (plugin packages)

citation information

in case you need to cite sylly for reference, consider the CITATION file.

a token of gratitude

if you appreciate my work an want to say "thanks", please check my wantlist on discogs15 (just have records sent to the address you find in the imprint/impressum). you're awesome!

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